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KV2 AUDIO SYSTEMS is one of the best pa systems in the world

KV 2 Speakers

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Kv2 Speakers Search the web with LuPi Web KV2 AUDIO SYSTEMS is one of the best pa systems in the world, the performance and resolution of the EX6, EX10 and EX12, is absolutely breathtaking that's the beauty of an active loudspeaker design in which the amplifiers are perfectly matched to the transducers and every component is optimized. The sound coming out of the speakers is simply amazing. EX6, EX10, and EX12 speakers are beyond doubt worth every penny you spend on it. Available at Kosmic Sound of course call this number (08)92047577 or national freecall hotline 1800 466 157 and talk to pa systems expertsKv2 Speakers Search the web with LuPi WebKv2 Speakers
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Mackies Loudspeakers

Re-Engineered for Superior Performance
The new SAz Series Loudspeakers start with maximum power. The range opens with 500 watts RMS total in the SA1521z, and grows to a massive 1300 watts RMS total in the SA1530z, SA1232z, and SA1532z. And we made sure this power was translated into incredible accuracy with completely re-calibrated active electronics - including precision crossovers, thermal and transducer protection, and electronic time-correction.
These revamped electronics are coupled with new neodymium mid- and high-frequency drivers, delivering greater accuracy and increased output versus our previous ceramic-magnet models, yet weigh significantly less. And as the only premium active loudspeakers with optimized WaveFront™ horns, the SAz series' natural sound and ultra-wide dispersion are simply unparalleled in its class.

Available At Kosmic Sound and other music stores in perth

Mackie SRM 450

It doesn't matter if you're a DJ, church, or Iron Maiden tribute band, you need loudspeakers that won't crap out in the middle of a show,
or distort when you turn them up past 3. That's why we designed the SRM450-the first and only portable active 2-way loudspeaker with onboard bi-amplification, active crossovers, time-correction and renowned Mackie sound quality. Thanks to countless hours of R&D-and one very-hard-to-please Greg Mackie-the SRM450 delivers real, accurate bass down to 55Hz; midrange that's free from ear-fatiguing harshness; and detailed treble out to 20kHz. Better still, the SRM450 offers astonishingly wide dispersion that lets your whole audience hear clearly, whether they're in the front, back, or way out on the sides of the room. Above all, the SRM450s crank! Without a hint of distortion, they effortlessly achieve sound pressure levels beyond the legions of look-alike portable loudspeakers on the the market today. Now available online at music store Kosmic Sound of course (Copy and paste this address into your browser) http://kosmic.com.au PA Systems Guitars Music Store
Call your local music store like 9470 1020 Park Pianos | 9384 0560 Just Music | 9383 1422 Zenith | 9330 2777 Mega Music | 9381 2277 Concept Music | Kosmic Sound online music store 9204 7577.
Music Store
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