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PA systems come in a huge range of sizes and purposes. PA Systems for: bands, artists, celebrants and anyone who wants to be heard loud and clear. In places like pubs, clubs, hotel function rooms, community halls, marquee tents etc. What is most suitable this is a question? Price, sound quality, build quality, weight, flexibility, and all those things will be the most consideration for most people on this planet.

What power output should your PA system have?

In general, more watts equal more volume. You need a minimum of 200 watts continuous power per side. You can try some PA systems out to see what volume will suits you best.

What size speakers should your PA cabinets have?

If you are just using vocals and instruments with low frequency content like acoustic guitars then cabinets with 10" 12" would be most suitable. If you are in band You should use 15" speakers starting at 200-300 watts power rating. If you are playing in the PUBs and you want to be very loud you should use 15" or 18" speakers with power ratings of 500 watts or more.
The next thing to decide is whether to use active (have a built in power amp) or passive (no built in power amp) speakers. Powered speakers have the advantage of making the system simpler but the speakers heavier. Small cabinets start at 30Kg, something to consider if you have to carry them up and down stairs. Passive speakers are light and keeping speakers, power-amps and mixer as separate items make them more flexible.

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What Loudspeaker to buy. Well.... the best will be the KV2 but very expensive, second choice will be RCF which a very good speakers but less expensive, next choice will be Mackie and JBL EONS. Well ... if all those speakers are too expensive Behringer is the cheap option not the best but will do the trick and reliable. If you are looking at the price, weight and performance, overall Thump will be the best passive speaker on the market. So, now find some links on this page press on it and spend the money.Be happy spend the money
Thump  Behringer B212A
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